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Clayoquot Wild Charters
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Village: Tofino


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Clayoquot Wild Charters Tofino

Whale Watching - Wildlife - Hot Springs & Tofino Fishing Charters

Whale Watch & Wildlife Tour (2-2.5 hrs)

Discover the wild of Tofino's Clayoquot Sound with our local experts. Encounters may include gray whales, humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, eagles, sea otters, harbour porpoise, puffins and many varieties of marine birds and much more!

Every trip is a unique experience, shaped by the animals that present themselves to you and your interests. "Getting away from it all" with Clayoquot Wild, you can choose to quietly soak in the incredible beauty of Clayoquot or engage our guides for First Nations and Ecological Interpretation.

Hot Springs & Wildlife Tour (6-6.5 hrs)

The most romantic and full experience you can have exploring the habitats of Clayoquot Sound in one day! Start with a 1.5 hour ocean and wildlife quest with our expert local guides. Then find yourself in an ancient old-growth cedar forest for a wondrous half-hour stroll to the healing waters of the natural hot springs. You can spend 2 to 2.5 hours in these sacred pools cooled by the Pacific.

Bear and Wildlife Tour (2-2.5 hrs)

Travel to through the snug coves and sheltered inlets to the black bears natural dining room where they feed on crabs along the beaches. Trips are scheduled according to the bears' meal times at low tides.
Learn more about the role bears play in providing for other animals, Meares Island as a protected Tribal Park, old village sites and more!

Guided Tofino Fishing Charters

Come join us with all the modern comforts ,in this ancient harvest by setting out in our comfortable 2007 24.25 foot Harbercraft fishing vessel Freedom. You can relax knowing you are in the hands a skipper well seasoned in providing this highly valued source of protein for his family, his community and his guests.
After 0.5 hour to an hour travelling time you will be dropping the lines of the down riggers into Clayoquot's ancient fishing grounds. Sit back a while, have a coffee knowing your every day cares are way back on shore and then WHAM, the rod goes down!

Guided Hiking Tour to Lone Cone Mountain with Natural and Cultural interpretation.
Please contact Us for more Info...

Journey into History
Join elder Moses Martin, 7th generation descendent of War Chief Nookmiis*. Learn about growing up in a time of change: from dug out canoes to fully computerized motor boats.
Ask about:
Meares Island protest & recent
- political history
- Esowista massacre
- the Tonquin story
- pioneer settlement of Stubbs Island
- wild cows of Opitsaht
- a possible village tour

* Chief Nookmiis is famous for sinking the Tonquin in 1811 after a previous ship destroyed over 200 houses in the ancient village of Opitsaht.